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NEW! SUPERFOOT is now available on Kindle. A soccer story that's not just about soccer for ages 10 and up.

Got kids? Need presents? Try books! For hours of mind-stretching engagement curled up on a cozy couch or strapped into the car the long road to Grandma's house, can't beat books for high entertainment value with a moderate price tag. Stuck at home when you want to be elsewhere? Escape into someone else's story or imagine and create your own adventure.

As Science Fair season winds down, let kids unleash their creativity with My Adventure as a Scientist.

Looking for new ways to turn kids on to reading and writing? Try a My Adventure Workshop for upper elementary kids. For people in middle school, consider Metamorphosis: Character Transformations in Young Adult Novels.

Put some energy into your reading lesson by staging a play. Try out The Wish, the Wisdom and the Web a one-act eco-drama for upper elementary kids.

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