Character Transformations

in Young Adult Novels

A discussion with Janet Gingold, author of Finch Goes Wild

Janet Gingold invites fans of young adult finction to join in a discussion of the personal growth of their favorite characters. She starts off with the hero of her latest novel, Finch Goes Wild. In his suburban Maryland middle school, Harmon's a loser. His grades have tanked and his weight is off the charts. He gets ridiculed by his classmates, nagged by his mother nad harassed by neighborhood thugs. But somehow he emerges as a strong and competent person ready to make the world a better place. Using excerpts from Finch Goes Wild, Gingold invites participants to compare and contrast Harmon's evolution with the metamorphoses of other characters they have met, both in fiction and in real life. Conversations include the roles of stereotypes, peer pressure, decision-making, risk-taking, diet, exercise, music and nature.

Janet Gingold practiced pediatrics in Prince George's County, Maryland for 20 years. Now she divides her time between teaching biology at Prince George's Community College and writing stories for young people. Her other works include Danger: Long Division and six interactive "My Adventure"stories.

Fee: $200 for a one-hour session (negotiable)

For more information or to schedule a visit, email jgingoldbooks at aol.com.